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Quality polices

            TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje fully implements the Quality Policy, which is based on a system oriented to the principles of company development by meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, customers expectations for quality and timely satisfaction of their requirements, by offering a wide and contemporary range of products and effective and efficient solution to their needs which are within the activity of the company.

            The Quality policy, which is a framework for establishing and reviewing defined quality objectives, is periodically reviewed and amended as necessary.

            The basic principles of the Quality Policy, which TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje implements are based on:

• Observance of the laws and acts that are relevant for the operation of TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje

• Respect for the customer

• Protection of company's reputation

• Protection of company's property and assets

• Improving the work of the company

• Informing and raising the awareness of the employees in all phases of the work

• Accepting a process approach in advancing of realization of the company's services and creating a system of interconnected processes that achieves all goals of TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje

• Permanent implementation of professional training for the quality of the employees at all levels

• Identification and elimination of all deficiencies that may cause adverse impact on the company or the community

• Providing an environment in which the employees are motivated for continuous improvement in the realization of the works within the competence of TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje, the processes and the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015.

            All employees are familiar with the Quality Policy and it is available to interested parties upon their request.

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Environmental polices

We, TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje, a trading company of raw materials in the field of water supply, such as pipes, fittings, hydrant equipment, water meters, valves and other armature and fittings for water supply are obliged to fully implement the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION POLICY, which is a framework for establishing measurable environmental protection objectives. The results of the monitoring and all taken measurements are reviewed at the meetings with the management and realistic expectations for continuous improvement are defined. TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje, implements a System for environment protection from possible impacts that are part of its operation, as an extension of the system of suppliers or "bridge" between the supplier with whom the company works and the client with whom TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje works.


Our key principles are:

  • Creating a business system oriented towards suppliers, customers and the community in general by increasing their trust in services and ethics during their implementation

  • Application of the current national legislation in all spheres of work in the field of realization of quality services and prevention of environmental pollution as a result of our work

  • Identify, eliminate and prevent all hazards that may lead to adverse effects on the environment and the community as a whole

  • Continuous improvement of practices that will prove consistent measurable progress in the results in addition to achieving the set objectives for quality and environmental protection

  • Increasing the positive effects of the operation by planning the efficient management of the processes, continuous saving of renewable energy resources, minimization of waste and safe and responsible handling of the same

  • Taking care of the needs and health of its employees by creating appropriate working conditions.


TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje in the future is committed to:

  • Continuously maintain and improve The system for managing its impact on the environment, which meets the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 and also meets the requirements of customers and the community in general

  • Increasing the social value of the Company through the affirmation of customer and environmental care through training of its employees, suppliers and customers, to promote public communication about the impact of our activities on the environment and human health

  • Establishment of a series of practices for the existing processes that enable TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje to continuously reduce its impact on the environment through energy savings and reduction of the amount of waste where it is possible with its conscientious manipulation

  • Continuous analysis and improvement of own practices, processes, and services at the meetings that will be in accordance with the highest standards.


The management and all employees are continuously informed about the results of operations and significant environmental impacts, results of their own operation and will ensure that all activities are undertaken to meet the obligations stated in this Policy.


Every employee of TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje behaves in accordance with this Policy, whose relevance is reviewed at the meetings of the Management.


This Policy is available to all employees and interested parties.

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Occupational safety and health polices

            TEHNOSKOP DOOEL Skopje fully implements the occupational safety and health policy

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